Translation Services in Kuala Lumpur

Chambers Translation SdnBhd is an established translation company in Kuala Lumpur since 1995, providing translation services and related services for more than 80 languages from Asian and European countries for clients from multiple industries!

We are a one-stop company for all of your related translation services. Chambers Translation Services in Kuala Lumpur serves you in:

  • High Quality Proofread Translation
  • Interpretations
  • Patent Translation Services
  • Transcriptions
  • Website Localization
  • Subtitling, Dubbing & Voiceover
  • Multilingual Web Design
  • SEO

Chambers Translation SdnBhd provides quality Interpretation services in Kuala Lumpur in over 20 Languages! Our interpreters are experienced in all events.

Need an Interpreter for your factory audit? We have professional Korean, Japanese, Nepali, Bengali, Burmese, Vietnamese Interpreters ready to serve you.

We offer the following services since 1995:

Document Translation
Certified Translation
All types of Interpretation
Multi-language Typesetting
Voice-over, Dubbing & Subtitling
Website & Graphic Friendly Fonts

All document translation projects follow our four-step quality process:

Translation by a native translator
Proofreading by an equally qualified linguist
Typesetting and Formatting following as close as the original document
Quality assurance review

Your designated project consultant will:

Find the right linguist for your specific project
Guaranteed quality translation until customer satisfaction
Facilitate feedback and communication between all parties
Be available through multiple communication avenues

Technical Capabilities

Whether you use a MAC or PC, we can accept nearly any file type including:

Adobe Illustrator
MS Office
XML, HTML, PHP, etc.

With more language experts in more subject fields, a translation from Chambers Translation is always guaranteed for accuracy, timeliness and consistency for all your projects!

For your translation needs, please give us a call at +6012-429 9867 or visit our website at