Dubbing & Voice Over & Subtitling & Transcription

Chambers Native Voice Talents handle the following services :

Dubbing :

Here, the original voice in the video is replaced with another preferred voice. We can override the original voice in more than 30 languages and synchronized with the lip movements of the speaking character in the video.

Samples can be sent to our clients of the first few seconds of their scripts for further improvements before continuing with the dubbing services for the rest of the video.

Also, the intonation and pitch of the voice is kept consistent and appropriate to the theme of the whole video.

Voiceover :

This is done when our clients prefer to voiceover the original voice by trailing it with a simultaneous interpretation and keeping the original voice at a lower volume. Samples of a few seconds of the video, with audible and intelligible voiceover and lowered original voice, can be sent. The video is then further fine tuned and improved according to our client’s specifications before finalising.

Dubbing vs Voiceover :

In contrast to dubbing, voiceover lacks in synchronization with the original dialogues. Usually, the voiceover interpreter does not carry forward the original characters personality and emotions across to the audience and can also be the same interpreter for all the characters’ voices in the video.

Chambers Translation would only use native speaking voice talents to ensure familiar and comfortable native accents are heard by the native recipients.

Subtitling :

We can translate the voice and any visually seen languages and insert them as subtitles into the video according to client’s instructions. The timing of the subtitles can be lip-synchronized (as in “hot” recording) or scene-synchronized (as in “warm” recording) or untimed (as in “cold” recording).

Transcription :

We can transcribe any audible voice from English to English or from one language into another. The transcription is delivered in a MS Word document, with a standard layout and format suitable for court proceedings unless instructed otherwise by the client.