Translation Certification Services

Chambers most certainly provides Translation Certification upon our clients’ requests for translations relating to local languages in Malaysia. These Translation Certifications for local languages are accepted by most overseas Government Departments & Ministries as well as the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With regard to local languages, we mean Malay, Mandarin and Tamil.

The Chinese Translation Certifications of personal or business certificates or documents are also accepted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Authentications or Endorsements for the Authenticity (Genuineness) of the documents. Thereafter, these certified documents with Translation Certification can then be submitted to the Chinese Embassy for further endorsements to be accepted by any organisation in China.

As for Submission of personal documents to Universities and schools in Malaysia, this would usually require Chambers Company Translation Certification only. Due to many Malaysian applicants opting to courier certified true copies of their original documents, Chambers have extended such Certified True copy Certification services. Thus, document translations with Translation Certification can refer to certified true copies instead of their original documents. Thus, minimising the risk of loss of original certificates.

Translation Certification Services
Burmese Translation Services

For translation of non-local languages to be submitted to the Malaysian Authorities such as the Road Transport Department and National Registration Departments (for Births, Deaths and Marriages), etc, Chambers will provide the required Translation Certification upon the client’s request.

With regard to registration of marriages, apart from a Translation Certification, the applicant would need to get an interpreter for his/her foreign spouse. This is to ensure that the foreign understands the document that he/she is about to sign.

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