The need for SDS Translation service is gradually increasing in Malaysia because of chemical manufacturers, importers, distributors, and formulators which produce better and refined products by fusing chemicals. And so, the necessity for Malay SDS Translation and English SDS documents are increasing, too. It is because of the enactment of new Industry Code of Practice (ICOP), in 17 April, 2015.

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How does this revision affect the SDS Translation? The revisions in the ICOP impacts the following areas:

1) Substance classification criteria
(Note: companies are to classify substances not found in Part 1, DOSH List, first using the criteria given in Part II before SDS Translation)

2) Labelling Standards
(Note: Must have a statement “read SDS or SDS translation before use” in English and Malay)

3) Safety Data Sheets or SDS Translation
Format: standard 16-section SDS translation;
Languages: in Malay and English;
Emergency telephone number: Both domestic and foreign telephone number;
Picture size in SDS translation: between 1 cm x 1cm and 2 cm x 2 cm;


How is this revision beneficial to importers and exporters and SDS translation in Malaysia?
The revisions made in the Malaysian Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) will align its Hazard Communication Standard with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) developed by the United Nations, in terms of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals.

This would mean that countries with GHS similar criteria would have similar or slight differences in SDS compliance requirements, thereby making it easier for the export and import of chemical substances among these countries. Hence, importing companies in Malaysia would be able to spend less time on compliance issues and move forward with SDS translation into Malay and English languages quickly.

Since 1995, Chambers Translation has helped clients in SDS Translation and MSDS Translations for imports into Malaysia as well as exports to other countries. Over the years, we have improved and adapted to the changes in SDS requirements to ensure a consistency in our SDS translation.

Our client base includes MNC companies with a global supply chain which includes Malaysian subsidiaries supporting their manufacturing processes. Hence, Chambers has experience in vast amount of SDS Translation with expertise in more than 80 languages.

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