Vietnamese Interpretation Services

Vietnamese Interpretation Services

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Vietnamese Interpretation Services

The role undertaken by Vietnamese Interpretation Services has changed over the past decades. From 1975 to the early 1990s, Vietnamese Interpretation Services have been assisting relevant authorities in several countries such as Malaysia in managing the influx of Vietnamese refugees on their shores.

From the late 1990s, Vietnamese Interpretation Services have moved on to take on a commercial role as Vietnam began to stabilize and grow economically and trade with other countries. From then on, Vietnamese Interpretation Services has gradually become a value added activity and effective communication tool for businesses in dealing with Vietnamese during their daily business operations.

Over the years, Vietnamese Interpretation Services have proven to be useful for Vietnamese businessmen who wish to export their goods and services overseas. For example, Vietnamese Interpretation Services have assisted Vietnamese businessmen to come into contact with non-Vietnamese business contacts. In fact, Vietnamese Interpretation Service providers have been known to be involved in business discussions that would eventually lead to the final “handshake” and signing of agreements.

As for marketing of products and services to the Vietnamese economy, Vietnamese Interpretation Services can help companies to be more “culture smart”. By involving Vietnamese Interpretation Service providers in market surveys, companies are able to embark in more effective localised marketing strategies.

Vietnamese Interpretation Services

How do Vietnamese Interpretation Service providers help in localizing marketing strategies? Vietnamese Interpretation Service providers are often useful in marketing surveys where face to face discussions or “Q & A” sessions are conducted with potential consumers. For instance, once a Vietnamese Interpretation Service provider is given clear goals, he or she is able to assist in interviewing and extracting useful information from Vietnamese speaking participants in focus group discussions. Sometimes, a Vietnamese Interpretation Service provider will add in an explanatory comment or clarification so that both the interviewer and interviewee can appreciate the cultural differences between both countries.

In addition to business dealings, Vietnamese Interpretation Services serve many different and wider areas of the community. Vietnamese Interpretation Services have been engaged for labour related matters as well. Vietnamese Interpretation Service providers have constantly been engaged for interpretation of HR policies, employment contracts, counseling and disciplinary sessions to Vietnamese employees employed in foreign companies either locally or overseas.

Here at Chambers Translation, we provide Vietnamese and Non-Vietnamese organizations and individuals a means to engage in a meaningful way via Vietnamese Interpretation Services. Chambers Vietnamese Interpreters are continually providing Vietnamese Interpretation Services in Malaysia and Singapore for personal and business matters.

Basically, there are 3 types of Vietnamese Interpretation Services. One is Consecutive Vietnamese Interpretation Services where the Vietnamese interpreter translates only after the speaker has finished speaking a message or an idea. Here, the speaker and the interpreter take alternate turns to speak for short periods.

The other 2 types are the Simultaneous Vietnamese Interpretation Services and Accompanying Vietnamese Interpretation Services. Both types require almost real-time Vietnamese interpretation. However, Accompanying Vietnamese Interpretation Services tend to be for a very small group of 2 or 3 participants.

Please visit our webpage on “Interpretation” or “Types of Interpretation Services in Malaysia” for more details of Vietnamese Interpretation Services.

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