Russian Interpretation Services

Russia aims for the ever growing sustainability of its economy and wealth and hence there is a demand for Russian Interpreters and Russian Interpretation Services. Chambers Russian Interpretation Services possesses the well experienced team of Russian Interpreters to provide excellent Interpretation Services for Russian as well as overseas clients.

According to, Russia’s total export revenues in Mar 2019 was 36.8 USD bn, generated mainly from energy related oil, petroleum and gas, aluminium, iron, steel and their alloys or other metals and minerals, wood, machinery and equipment, military.

Within each export sector, Russia has found ways, not only to sell the tangible product, but also the equipment or tool, expertise, training and consultancy related to each sector. Just like the Russian Doll, Matryoshka, every layer of product or services related to each export sector presents opportunities for demand a Translation Company that can Russian Interpretation Services. Through Russian Interpretation Services, every manual or written material or Russian wordings on any hardware can to be translated from Russian into the purchaser’s local language. To optimise the effective and efficient use of these related resources, the manufacturers are often tasked to provide training with Russian Interpreters.

Russian Interpretation Services

It is quite common for an MNC company to request from a Translation Company with Russian interpretation services to assist their employees in understanding the proper techniques for handling Russian equipment or tools, dredges, customised ships. There have been past incidences where Russian Interpreters have been called in to assist in a training session for employees to safely operate the customised ships with cranes for deep sea extraction of minerals. Any Translation company in the Asia region would have seen an increase in demand for Russian interpretation services in recent years.

To a lesser extent but still significant, Russian Interpretation Services are also involved in the exports of medicinal and pharmaceutical products from Russia. As it this sector is gaining momentum, it is foreseeable that there will be an increase in demand for Russian Interpreters with experience in pharmaceutical knowledge and terms for the future. Factories built or purchased by foreign drug companies are already selling medicines and pharmaceutical products that require its enclosed medicinal leaflet to be translated from Russian into other languages for export. The rise in interests from foreign drug companies in such ventures and investments in Russia, will drive the need for more Russian Interpretation Services. Hence, Russian Interpretation Services would be required for business meetings, drafting of contracts, or any other commercial matters.

An example of foreign companies requiring Russian Interpretation Services for exporting such products from Russia is Sanofi. This French drug company exports insulin produced in its Sanofi-Aventis Vostok plant in Oroyl Oblast. The Danish Novo Nordisk Company is also exporting insulin from the Grabtsevo Industrial Park in Kaluga Oblast, Russia. A German company, STADA exports generic anti-cancer drugs from its owned Nizhpharm factory in Russia. Another is an American company, Abbott which exports the Dyufaston drug (synthetic progesterone) for maintaining female reproductive health from its recently purchased Veropharm factory in the Vladimir region. As Good Manufacturing Practices are required to meet EU regulatory standards from these factories, Russian Interpretation Services are often required in aligning the employees to the foreign Headquarters Standard Operating Procedures and trainings of production workers in its full cycle processes.

Russia has its share of successful investments overseas, especially in countries where Russian investments are still welcomed. Very often, a Russian auditor would request a Malaysian Translation company to provide Russian Interpretation Services for his/her Quality Audit of its subsidiaries in Malaysia. Occasionally, Russian translators are required to translate Russian manuals and production work procedures into Malay so that the Malaysian employees can understand and increase the productivity and quality control of the production outputs. An example of such a Malaysian company owned by Russians is the Norman Process Oils Malaysia Plant Sdn Bhd. This subsidiary is owned by ORGKHIM Biochemical Holding, which is a unique Russian and second worldwide producer of safe petroleum-based extender oils for rubbers and rubber compounds for wear resistant tyres, etc.

What types of Russian Interpretation Services are available? There is Consecutive Russian Interpretation Services whereby the Russian interpreter interprets only after the speaker has conveyed a message or idea by speaking a few sentences. This type of Russian Interpretation Service usually does not require any complicated equipment. At most a PA system is required for a larger crowd of audience that is hard to reach by the interpreter’s normal voice. Other types of Russian Interpretation Services are the Simultaneous Russian Interpretation Services and Whispering Russian Interpretation Services. Both of these types of interpretation require almost real-time Russian interpretation. However, Whispering or Accompanying Russian Interpretation Services tend to be for only two to three recipients.

To understand more about these 3 types of Russian Interpretation Services, our webpage on “Interpretation” or “Types of Interpretation Services in Malaysia” will provide you with more details. Chambers welcome any queries that you may have regarding Russian Interpretation Services. Do you have a need for Russian Interpretation Service? Why not drop us an email with your contact details under “Get a quote” page or “Contact Us” page. Our friendly project consultant will reply to you as soon as possible.