Russian Translation Services

Russian Translation Services

Importance of Russian Translation

Russian Translation is what the Russian entrepreneurs cherish the most in today’s global economy. The ever succeeding Russian market regards Russian Translation Services with such great importance and because of the country’s immense size and its natural resources, overseas investors are showing great enthusiasm in Russian Translation. And serious business requires a serious approach and investment in Russian Translation – access to Russian language is a must for efficient communication with your new business partners.

Russian Translation services are also a necessary platform for foreigners and Russians to communicate in all aspects. Cultural and educational exchanges require Russian Translation services.

Russian Translation for Companies and International Level

Chamber’s Russian Translation team translates Websites, Company Profiles, Memorandum of Articles, Business Plans, Marketing Surveys, brochures, presentation slides, HR policies and procedures and Corporate and Financial Reports, etc. Chamber’s Russian Translation team specializes in delivering quality and timely Russian Translation Service.

Internationally, delegates from Russian and non-Russian countries in ministerial meetings require Russian Translation Services. Our Russian Translation Service team is capable of delivering Translation Services from Russian into Japanese, Korean and French English, along with a number of other languages.


Russian Translation Service for Marketing and Advertising

Chamber’s Russian Translation Service, translates storyboards, artwork and promotional materials. The message is translated by our Russian Translation team according to the style preferred by our clients.

Our Russian Translation Service team provides comprehensive Russian Translation related services such as:

  • Website Localisation

  • Subtitling, Dubbing & Voiceover

  • Marketing Materials

  • Operation Manuals

  • Training Slides

  • Desktop Publishing

For Desktop Publishing and Website Localisation, Chambers Russian Translation Service team and Chambers Software Team can provide graphic design and web friendly documents, for easy usage.

Burmese Translation Services

Russian Translation for Technical and Legal Documents

Chamber’s Russian Translation team, translates product Terms and Conditions, Customs Declarations, Contracts, Equipment Manuals, Government audit reports and tax correspondences. Our Russian Translation team is made up of linguists who are experts in various technical fields with at least 5 years of experience. Chamber’s Russian Translation Services are experts in most financial, pharmaceutical, engineering documents and patent related documents. Our Russian Translation Service team consists of trained and qualified legal translators as well.

Russian Translation in our daily lives

Chamber’s Russian Translation team translates personal documents, student enrolments into any educational institution as well as for Permanent Resident and Visa applications. Our Russian Translation team also translates personal documents of clients for Immigration office. Chamber’s Russian Translation Service provides Notarisation, Solicitor’s stamp and other Certifications with a reasonable charge. Apart from the aforementioned documents, Chambers also provide Russian Translation for student ‘s educational certificates and other personal documents.

Russian Translation for Manufacturers

Chamber’s Russian Translation Service team caters to all forms of Russian Translation Services that are needed by the manufacturer. Our professional Russian Translation team translates Operational Manuals for workers in factories, warehouses and assembly lines, etc.  Additionally, our repeat clients know they can trust our Russian Translation Service team in providing high quality and accurate MSDS (material safety data sheets) with a fast turnaround time.

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The other 2 types are the Simultaneous Vietnamese Interpretation Services and Accompanying Vietnamese Interpretation Services. Both types require almost real-time Vietnamese interpretation. However, Accompanying Vietnamese Interpretation Services tend to be for a very small group of 2 or 3 participants.

Please visit our webpage on “Interpretation” or “Types of Interpretation Services in Malaysia” for more details of Vietnamese Interpretation Services.

With regard to Vietnamese Interpretation Services, we at Chambers would be happy to answer any queries that you may have. Why not drop us an email with your contact details under “Get a quote” page or “Contact Us” page? Our friendly project consultant will reply to you soonest possible.