Chambers Translation, in transcription services, generally, replicates the contents of the audio and video files into written composition in the same language. Yet, to meet the needs of our clients, who have involved in global markets, we offer a wide array of transcription services.

If you are wondering what a transcription service is, you have clicked on the right webpage. The types of Transcription Services that are commonly done are usually as follows:


This type of transcription service records every spoken word in the written format. Every sound that is made, be it human or non human, is provided in written form in the transcription service. Each sound or word is given equal importance and has to be transcribed and time-coded in the written format for completeness.


This transcription service requires the transcriber to briefly scan through the audio or video file in order to determine the intended message(s) the speaker wishes to convey. The transcription service involves filtering, selection and recording of speeches and sounds that is deemed important into the written format.


This type of transcription service provides clear, straightforward and intelligent written format. An experienced person who is skilled and understands the subject matter of the audio or video file would be best suited to provide this transcription service.

As we continue to undertake new transcription service challenges in Chambers Translation, our range of transcription services continues to expand as well. Presently, we provide transcription services for more than 80 languages. We can provide transcription services for most Asian, Mediterranean and European languages.

Examples of the audio and video files submitted to us for transcription services are audios or videos of court proceedings, incriminating evidences, conferences, marketing videos, instruction videos, etc.

Due to growing cross borders transactions, activities and relationships, we have also added complimentary services as part of our package for transcription service, such as:

Translation services to transcription services
Subtitling, Dubbing, Voice over services to transcription services
Content writing and copywriting services to transcription services
Special proofreading and Editing Services to transcription services

Transcription Services

It takes a special person with lots of determination to deliver the transcription services for the audio or video files. Here, in Chambers Translation, we have a large pool of experienced and skilled transcription services provider who are confident in handling various subjects.

Don’t worry, what comes to us stays with us. We would be happy to sign a non disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure you of our commitment to safeguard the confidentiality of your material submitted for our transcription services.

With the support of ChambersSoft, our Chambers IT experts, we are able to handle all forms of audio and video media and provide the transcription services to meet your needs.