Since 1995, Chambers Translation is specialized in foreign language translation and is a renowned multi-lingual communications agency. With a network of five offices across the globe, we benefit our clients to go across borders and communicate in the global markets. Meeting all the expectations of our customers is how we achieve sustained growth and success.


We provide valuable services to our clients for over 20 years. Our experience and Customer Testimonials are other reasons why clients trust us and consider us as their partner for translation, web localization, multilingual DTP, and interpreting services, etc.

EXPERIENCE : From handling over 22,000 projects since 1995, your project is in safe hands.

RESOURCES : Possessing a team of experts with more than 900 translators, proof-readers, and editors, and native human voiceovers offering services in more than 80 languages.

QUALITY : Our high quality output is ensured by our quality checks, proof-reading, terminological and stylistic editing and page layout formatting. Excellence is attained by our translators translating materials from field of expertise into mother tongue. We try to assign the same translator to the same client to ensure consistent use of client specific terminology.

RATES : To provide explicit translations to our clients at unsurpassed price values is our great pleasure. To have repeat business is our Goal. We offer discounts to HIGH volume project.

SPEED : Speed depends on volume, subject-matter, language combination and client urgency. For extremely urgent translations we can pull together a team of translators under the supervision of a proof-reader, thus ensuring consistency in terminology and style and quicker turnaround.

CONFIDENTIALITY : Your confidentiality is preserved in Chambers and to formalise this understanding, we are glad to have a non disclosure agreement.

Chambers Translation