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With prolonged border closures during the COVID pandemic, many overseas businessmen have turned to online Zoom Meeting as well as Zoom Interpretation. It is no wonder that Zoom Interpretation have spun to various Language Interpretations, such as Zoom German Interpretation, Zoom Italian Interpretation, Zoom French Interpretation, Zoom Portuguese Interpretation and Zoom Spanish Interpretation between Malaysia and countries afar.

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Even in Asia, Zoom Interpretation is catching on among the business community. It is very common to find business contracts closed with the help of Zoom Japanese Interpretation, Zoom Korean Interpretation, Zoom Thai Interpretation, Zoom Indonesian Interpretation, Zoom Vietnamese Interpretation, Zoom Chinese Interpretation or Zoom Mandarin Interpretation. It is such a time saver that Zoom Interpretation is often preferred over on-site Interpretation. Zoom Interpretation provides all participants, including the Interpreters, the option of being in the comfort of their own private space while Interpreting or simply working.

Here in Malaysia, it is a norm to see settlement of work-related disputes done via Zoom Interpretation. It provides a more emotionally safe environment for all parties. For example, an aggrieved Bengali, Nepali, Burmese, Hindi, Tamil or Urdu worker, may likely provide more honest replies with the help of a Bengali Interpreter, Nepali Interpreter, Burmese Interpreter, Hindi Interpreter, Tamil Interpreter or Urdu Interpreter, in a secure and unrestraint place. By using Zoom Interpretation in a sexual harassment case, the non-local victim can also answer questions from the Human Resource Manager, investigator, lawyer or relevant authorities without being subjected to duress. Due to the COVID pandemic and increasing backlog of unattended cases, many courts have also adopted Zoom Interpretations to carry out the legal proceedings and adjudicate these legal cases.

In the advertising and events management industry, Zoom Interpretations have been applied to also help advertisers to conceptualize ideas or branding with overseas customers’ feedback. Very often, frequent and necessary communications are exchanged via Zoom Interpretations among many clients, concept teams and production teams, etc. Virtual Conferences organized with Zoom Interpretations are common events occurrences. In fact, participation rates have increased even more with Zoom Interpretation.

In virtual exhibitions, a wholesaler needs only a booth and a laptop with a Zoom Interpreter to demonstrate and market his product to customers from overseas who don’t even have to visit his/her exhibition booth! All the European customers need only to hear the German Interpretation or Italian Interpretation or French Interpretation or Portuguese Interpretation or Spanish Interpretation as participants to Zoom Interpretation Application.

Where practical training is required, Chambers Translation Sdn Bhd has helped many companies via Zoom Interpretation to provide Bengali Interpretation Service, Nepali Interpretation Service, Burmese Interpretation Service, Hindi Interpretation Service, Tamil Interpretation Service or Urdu Interpretation Service to improve their workers’ skills.

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