Translation Services Malaysia

Chambers Translation offers explicit Translation services, Interpretation services, Website localization, Multilanguage Typesetting & Desktop Publishing. Our services make you to communicate from source language to target language.

A translation service is considered to be well delivered if the intended meaning rather than the literal meanings of the text are conveyed. While providing translation services, higher levels of skills and familiarity of the subject matter are also required to communicate the social nuances inherent in the source document into its target language.

For assuring clients, a translation services provider has to keep things confidential and has to employ precise words and structure of language to express the desired definition. In other words, a translation services provider should remain faithful to the source documents in a discretionary manner. Translation services executed by faithfully and blindly translating every word can lead to incoherent messages being transferred into the target language.

Chambers Translation views all translation services very seriously. We do our outmost best to provide high quality professional translation services for your communication needs. We listen to your needs so we can ensure you have the right solution.

Translation Services Malaysia

Our services include language pairs which are not always from a language to English or vice versa. But, we do translations like Japanese into Malay and Indonesian into Japanese translation services.

A coordinating translator and an expert team of translators are assigned to complete the translation services on time, if you want the translations to be provided in a tight schedule. To ensure uniformity during the process of providing the translation services, the documents will be proofread and edited with the agreed standard terms and similar style.

Chambers Translation welcomes queries for all types of translation services. Our project consultants follow through every process to ensure that our customers are provided with quality translation services. Whatever your needs are, you can be assured that the most suited translators and proofreaders will be assigned to best meet your specific translation services requirements. Why not email your queries with your contact details under “Get a quote” page or “Contact Us” page? We will definitely reply to you as soon as possible.

Burmese Translation Services

Over the past 20 years, our clients have engaged us for various job scopes, usually as follows:

Translation with proof reading and editing

For our clients associated with medical and pharmaceutical industry, who want the accuracy to be in the excellent level, we have independent translators to proof read and edit the translations.

At times, back-translation with review is also required.

Proof reading and editing of translation

At other times, our client wishes to check and improve the quality of their in-house translation or of other translation company.

If you engage us for translations, all of Chambers Translations are proofread and edited before delivery.

Translation with Page Layout and Typesetting

We can typeset anything from single business cards to hundred page multi language product catalogues. We cover all languages, including bidirectional (Hebrew, Arabic) and double-byte (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) and complex (Bengali, Burmese, Nepali, Persian, Thai, Vietnamese & Tamil) scripts.

Translation without proof reading and editing

Yes, very often we do get such requests when:

our repeat customers are confident of our quality and just wants the same translator to translate their documents;


our customers wants a summary or key points of the contents


We also certify documents for certain languages for submission to Government Departments and Embassies, especially for Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin and Japanese documents.

Our translator can sign an affidavit in the presence of your appointed commissioner of oaths or solicitor or notary public for an additional fee

Translation with copy writing

Here, our linguist brings across the feelings, cultural nuances, humour, etc from the source language to the final document to present an effective and persuasive message.

Clients would need to communicate the style of copywriting and provide details so that their needs are met. Frequent communication among related parties are required in order for the copywriting to be successful.