Interpretation Services

The prime objective of Chambers Translation is to connect people from one end to another end. To achieve it, we provide several language services like Translation services, Interpretation services, Transcription services, and Certified Translations. A wide range of services are provided by our linguists. One of such important services is Interpretation Services and we offer those services at business meetings, corporate events, international conferences, court hearings, interviews, factory visits, and political gatherings. Chambers in Malaysia has the best language solutions and we make no compromise in offering quality services.

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Types of Interpretation Services For Professionals

Consecutive Interpretation Services

This is the common and popular type of Interpretation Service used by officials and business people. Here, the interpreter stands next to the native speaker and interprets the speech accurately with no contextual changes. The speech is subdivided and the interpreter speaks after the native completes speaking one or two sentences. Top-notch organizations hire our Consecutive Interpretation Services for business meetings, corporate gatherings, training sessions, press conferences, and presentations. The accuracy of the conveyed message plays a vital role in Interpretation Services. With the help of our qualified interpreter, officials and delegates maintain a smooth relationship with their partners.

Simultaneous Interpretation Services

The most standardized kind of Interpretation Services is Simultaneous Interpretations. The interpreter conveys the message of the presenter when he/she is delivering their speech. As a Simultaneous Interpreter does Interpretations quickly with no breaks between the sentences, they should be highly skilled and have years of experience. Chambers Translation assigns two talented interpreters for Simultaneous Interpretations. The SI interpreter views the speaker and the audience from a sound proof room and listens to the speaker through headphones. Similarly, the target audience can listen to the Interpretations through their headset. The importance of localizing global context is highly acknowledged by our interpreters. Events like government meetings, global conferences, and exhibitions require our Simultaneous Interpreting Services and respective equipment.

Whispering Interpretation Services

Chambers Translation provides explicit Whispering Interpretation Services in Malaysia. The proficiency and surpassing language skills of our interpreters make our clients understand the source language easily. Whenever the headphones and sound proof booth seem to be an excess on an occasion, Whispering Interpretations is the best solution. A transmitter and some number of receivers are the maximum requirements for this Interpretation Service. Outdoor visits like academic tours and official visits can also utilize Whispering Interpretation Services. The proficiency and the accuracy of our experts let our clients understand the context clearly.

Language Pairs

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»  Farsi to English
»  French to English
»  German to English
»  Japanese to Malay/ English
»  Mandarin to Malay/ English

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Reasons to Choose Chambers

Highly Competent

Chambers Interpreters have multi-faceted qualities and they have several years of experience. Interpretation Services provided by our professionals are renowned among the corporate and government organizations. Being prepared for the event before some days and being cleared regarding the goals and objectives of the particular event make our interpreters as the finest ones in Malaysia. With diligence and technical knowledge, our interpreters let our clients maintain a healthy relationship with their business partners.


Chambers Translation is certified by the government of Malaysia and our interpreters are also certified by Court. Official organizations like foreign embassies, courts, government agencies in Malaysia approve the Interpretations provided by our certified interpreters. Chambers Interpreters are the best when it comes to legal documentation and court hearings. Government administrators hire our interpreters for official and confidential meetings within their sectors.

Field Experts

A reliable and trustworthy interpreter comes with the qualifications of particular subject knowledge. Law, marketing industry, medicine, software companies, constructions, automobile industry, logistics, mining, and electronics are some of the sectors that need interpreters with technical knowledge. Chambers interpreters know about the technical terms and have the fluency to translate the source language to target language with no discomfort.


The prices for each Interpretation category have some changes. According to the utility of equipment and the standard of the Interpretation Services, Chambers charge you with reasonable prices. As Simultaneous Interpretation Services include several equipment, it costs more than Consecutive and Whispering Interpretation Services. But there are no hidden charges. We do not make any compromise in quality and provide standard services with affordable prices. At Chambers, you can obtain great Interpretation Services at minimal cost.