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Chambers Translation Services provides certified Swedish to English translation services in Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur. We ensure accuracy and reliability for our certified translation services for all type of documents, we handle more than 80 language pairs.

Chambers translation services Malaysia has a team of well qualified professional Swedish translators who have training and experience to translate from English to Swedish and Swedish to English or from other languages into Swedish or from Swedish to many other languages for a wide variety of documents in many fields covering many industries. We can also translate Swedish into over 80 other languages.

Chambers Translation services, Malaysia only hires experienced professional Swedish translators who have good track records of serving clients with good quality technical translation, we ensure each Swedish translation meets the special requirements of each and every customer. Our skilled and experienced Swedish proofreaders review each Swedish translation we produce, to ensure our clients get an accurate Swedish translation.

Types of Swedish documents we translate

»  Adoption Documents
»  Bank statements
»  Birth certificates
»  Death Certificates
»  Divorce Certificates
»  Driving license
»  Police Criminal Record
»  Immigration Document
»  Insurance certificates
»  Registration documents
Translation Services for Marriage certificates
Translation Services for Travel Documents
Translation Services for Identity card

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Swedish is the official language in Sweden. It is also (along with Finnish) an official language in Finland. Outside of the Nordic countries, a very small community continues to speak Swedish in the US and Canada, mostly children or grandchildren of immigrants. Around 9 million people are native Swedish speakers, of which 8.5 million live in Sweden. Swedish belongs to the Northern branch of the Germanic language family of Indo-European. Other Northern Germanic languages are Danish, Icelandic, Faroese, and Norwegian. Historically Old Swedish is classified as an East- Scandinavian language (along with Danish).

Swedish uses the standard 26 letters of other European languages, plus three additional vowels å, ä, and ö which follow z in the alphabet. The letters q, w, x and z are used almost exclusively in borrowed terms and names. Double consonants signify longer sounds, while vowel length is usually predictable from consonant length (short or no consonant precedes long vowel). Various letter combinations are used to increase the ways sounds are differentiated and represented.

Swedish to English

As a highly literate society, the Swedish to English translation plays a strong role in education, government, and all forms of culture in Sweden. Due to a position of peace and neutrality throughout the 20th century, Sweden enjoys a fairly stable economy with a skilled work force and a GDP of about 238 billion dollars. Hence, the requirement for Swedish to English translation is much needed for a developed country which has business alliance with other countries. In addition, Sweden ranks the top fifth in the world for providing international aid and exporting weapons which plays a vital role in the European markets. Swedish to English translation is crucial when exports are involved where the shipping documents are needed to be translated from Swedish to English and vice versa.

There are a wide range of documents that can be translated from Swedish to English, for different purposes. In our many years of operation and experience, Chambers Translation SdnBhd has come across many Swedish to English documents that we could translate for our clients. Just a few of these documents are listed below:

Swedish books
Swedish medical reports
Swedish legal tenders
Swedish birth certificates
Swedish police reports
Swedish property lease agreements

We can translate almost anything you can imagine from Swedish to English and vice versa. Our expertise in complex and technical texts within Finance, Insurance, Tax, Legal, Law, Software, Computer, Investing, Business & Commercial are outstanding due to the fact that our Swedish to English translators have many years of on-the-job experience from these sectors and businesses.

When you want top notch Swedish to English translations with pitch perfect grammar, spelling and natural flow in the sentences, you really need a native Swede with work experience from the fields targeted for Swedish to English translation.

Do you have a document that needs translation from Swedish to English? If you wish to get a quote, kindly email to us with your original documents (if any) to chambers.malaysia@gmail.com. You can also get our contact details in “Get a quote” page or “Contact Us” page. If you prefer, you can also contact us at +6012-4299 867 or +607-232 4363 or +607-232 4362 for help on any Swedish to English translation or other related needs.