Malay Translation Service

As Malaysia seems to be the ideal choice for Taiwanese and China Chinese enterprises, there has been a rise in demand for Chinese Translation. With the help of Chinese Translation, such new enterprises are understanding the local regulations and procedures a lot faster. These enterprises are able to establish their branch operations very quickly via Chinese Translation of their Headquarters (HQ) policies and procedures.

From China and Taiwan, the technical knowhow and processes can also undergo Chinese Translation for the local workers to be quickly trained. Thus, Chinese Translation is enabling these enterprises to speedily set up their manufacturing plants or branch offices. As for detailed documents, such as Goods Receipt Notes, Delivery Orders, Purchase Orders from HQ, they can easily undergo Chinese Translation to be applied in the local branches.

Naturally, every company has its own HR Ethics and Policies which can be aligned to the HQ of their source country through Chinese Translation. With Chinese Translation, Local Labour laws can be included into the local branches’ HQ policies and procedures. Likewise, Chinese Translation enable foreign MNCs to modify their policies and procedures to make it easy for workers to comply.

Very often, contracts are made with local subcontractors in English accompanied with Chinese Translation or vice versa. After several rounds of Chinese Translation and vice versa to facilitate discussions, then the locals will finalise the contracts with overseas Chinese companies. Indeed, Chinese Translation plays a major role in supporting a more robust and flexible supply chain for the Chinese enterprises.

Other business agreements commonly requiring Chinese Translation are Joint Venture Agreements, Stock Sale and Purchase Agreements and Employment Agreements, etc. For an individual investor, Chinese Translation is often requested for the property related Sale and Purchase Agreement, Bank Statements or Power of Attorney.

Occasionally, when there is a dispute or breach of contract with a Chinese party in Malaysia, both parties would require Chinese Translation to facilitate the legal process. Apart from Chinese Translation, Chinese Interpretation is also required during court attendance as well as Chinese Transcription of taped audio recordings.

With numerous new inventions brought from both China and Taiwan into Malaysia, these inventions need to undergo Chinese Translation and Chinese transliteration for application of protection of their trademarks. Certain imported products from China and Taiwan may need Chinese Translation to get approval from SIRIM (Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia) before it is deemed fit to be sold in Malaysia.

Depending on the country from which the MNC is from or the source of original documents, the type of Chinese Translation could be Simplified Chinese Translation or Traditional Chinese Translation. For China Chinese enterprises, Simplified Chinese Translation is applied and for Taiwanese Chinese enterprises, Traditional Chinese Translation is applied.

At Chambers Translation Sdn Bhd, we provide high quality and fast Chinese Translation Services for individuals, small and medium enterprises, and MNC companies. Chambers also provide Chinese Translation for videos, subtitles, voiceovers and dubbing, and websites. We also assist in certifications of Chinese Translation or documents for submissions to China Embassy or Taiwanese Embassy or to any local Malaysian government departments.

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