Korean Translation Service

Korean Translation Service

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Chambers Translation is a steadfast translation centre for all services related to Korean Translation Services. We provide the following Korean Translation Services:

  • Translation

  • Interpretation

  • Website Localization

  • Multi language Typesetting & Desktop Publishing

  • Dubbing & Voice Over & Subtitling

  • Transcription

  • Multilingual Web Design

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Certifications

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Burmese Translation Services

Chambers Translation Services provides certified Korean to English translation services in Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur. We ensure accuracy and reliability for our certified translation services for all type of documents, we handle more than 80 language pairs.

Chambers translation services Malaysia has a team of well qualified professional Korean translators who have training and experience to translate from English to Korean and Korean to English or from other languages into Korean or from Korean to many other languages for a wide variety of documents in many fields covering many industries. We can also translate Korean into over 80 other languages.

Chambers Translation services, Malaysia only hires experienced professional Korean translators who have good track records of serving clients with good quality technical translation, we ensure each Korean translation meets the special requirements of each and every customer. Our skilled and experienced Korean proofreaders review each Korean translation we produce, to ensure our clients get an accurate Korean translation.

Types of Korean documents we translate

»  Adoption Documents
»  Bank statements
»  Birth certificates
»  Death Certificates
»  Divorce Certificates
»  Driving license
»  Police Criminal Record
»  Immigration Document
»  Insurance certificates
»  Registration documents
»  Marriage certificates
»  Travel Documents
»  Identity card

Korean Translation Service
Burmese Translation Services

Korean translation service has never been more sought after. Despite high household debt and weak exports, Korean translation services continue to be important. Amidst global uncertainty, Korean translation services remain relevant as business and social transactions between Korea and the rest of the world continues. Korean translation services is expected to grow as Korea’s GDP is expected to grow at an average of 3.9% a year in 2015-19 as according to South Korean’s Economic Intelligence unit.

Nowadays, Korean translation services are engaged more frequently as more non Koreans import Korean products and watch Korean movies to satisfy their fascination with Korean culture. In addition, Korean translation services have helped in the marketing of exports of Korean top products such as electronic equipments, vehicles and machinery.

Are you marketing Korean products into your local market and needing Korean translation services? Here, at Chambers Translation, we specialize in Korean translation services. Our related Korean translation services include Korean Document Translation, Korean Simultaneous Interpretation, Korean consecutive Interpretation, Korean Transcription, Korean Typesetting and Graphic design, Korean Voiceover and Subtitling.

We provide Korean translation services for Press Releases, International Magazines, Flyers, Brochures, Catalogues, Manuals, Banking and Financial Documents, Standard Operating Procedures, etc. Our Korean translation services team are also experienced in Korean legal documents such as patent applications, merger and acquisition agreements, trademarks and copyrights contracts, wills and trusts, employment and leases, etc.

Apart from the above mentioned Korean translation services, our Korean translation services support Team also provide Korean website localization, Korean proofreading & Korean editing, Korean desktop publishing, Korean SEO and other Korean IT services.

Our native Korean translators for Korean translation services are very experienced. We have provided quality Korean translation services for various organizations of different industries such as production, information technology, Insurance, finance and banking, health and pharmaceuticals, etc.

We dedicate only competent native Korean translators who are highly proficient in English and experts in the field of the subject matter for all our Korean translation services projects. Chambers Translation Sdn Bhd continually strives to provide high quality Korean translation services to our highly valued clients.

Apart from English to Korean translation services and vice versa, our Korean translators can provide other language pairs for Korean translation services such as Korean to Malay translation services or Korean to Chinese translation services.

We welcome all Korean translation services jobs of all sizes. For more details, please contact our friendly project consultants in the “Get a quote” web page or “Contact Us” web page. We will reply to you as soon as possible.