Nepali Translation Services

Nepali Translation Services

All-Inclusive Centre for Nepali Translation services in Malaysia!

Chambers Translation is a steadfast translation centre for all services related to Nepali Translation Services. We provide the following Nepali Translation Services:

  • Translation

  • Interpretation

  • Website Localization

  • Multi language Typesetting & Desktop Publishing

  • Dubbing & Voice Over & Subtitling

  • Transcription

  • Multilingual Web Design

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Certifications

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Far reaching Nepali Translation services in Malaysia!

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Burmese Translation Services

Nepali Translation in Malaysia plays an important role in ensuring Nepalis have a home away from home. Thus, Nepali Translation service is often used by remittance, telecom and recruitment companies hoping to promote their products. As the number of Nepalis employed in Malaysia increases, more companies requests for Nepali Translation service to foster better Employee and Employer relations, work conditions, etc.

Nepali Translation for Remittance Companies

Chambers Nepali Translation is often used by remittance companies to promote attractive prepaid phone rates for overseas Nepalis to stay connected to their families. Chambers Nepali Translation team can provide appealing taglines for your Nepali Translation. Apart from Nepali Translation, we provide Indonesian Translation, Burmese Translation, Bengali Translation, Thai Translation, Khmer Translation and Vietnamese Translation to remittance companies as well.

Nepali Translation for Security Firms

Security Firms or companies with security procedures engage Chambers Nepali Translation to standardize their rules of engagement for their security staff. For serious breach of security, whereby the security guard is involved in a police investigation, other Nepali Translation related services such as Nepali Interpretation Service can be provided to facilitate communication. Nepali Translation is also required when making a police statement. Chambers Nepali Translation Service can provide an on-site Nepali translator to sign an affidavit.

Nepali Translation for Telecommunications Companies

Nepali Translation is often used by Telecom Companies to promote attractive prepaid phone rates for overseas Nepalis to stay connected to their families. Chambers Nepali Translation team provides appealing taglines for your Nepali Translation. Our Nepali Translation team understands your need for fast turnaround to be in time for your press advertisement submission deadline.  Our talented Nepali Translation team can also override your source words with Nepali scripts into your artwork.

Nepali Translation for Companies

Companies with Nepali workers engage Chambers Nepali Translation Service team for various Nepali Translation needs. Chambers Nepali Translation team has many years of experience in translating Employment Contracts, Standard Operating Procedures, and HR company policies. Our Nepali Translation and Nepali Interpreter team are also available to assist Trainers in presenting Technical Slides. Our interpreters, from our Nepali Translation team, have also interpreted in motivational or disciplinary sessions for Nepali employees. In the aftermath of the Nepali earthquake in 2015, Chambers Nepali Translation team assisted counselors in helping workers deal with anxieties.

Nepali Translation for Legal Firms

Chambers Nepali Translation team can facilitate investigations and representation from lawyers whenever Nepalis are involved in Accident cases. Lawyers have engaged our Nepali Translation service in cross examinations, witness statements and signing of affidavits.

Should you wish to find out more about Nepali Translation or simply get a quote from Chambers Nepali Translation, please contact us via our “Get a Quote” or “Contact Us” webpage.