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Thai Translation Service

Thai is the official language and medium of instruction in Thailand. Most Thais converse, write and read in Thai and rarely engage in fluent English as English is not widely taught to the 65 million population of Thais. Many foreigners focus on speaking and not writing Thai. One reason could be that Thai has numerous different Thai scripts, particularly consonants that carry the same sounds.

Another reason could be that Thai words have very similar sounds and yet direct opposite meanings. For example, the Thai words for near and far ไกล and ใกล้ are both pronounced as “glai” as the ไ- and ใ- make the same ‘eye’ sound. Another reason is that the various learning materials uses different transcription and phonetic system. Therefore, it is quite common for inexperienced translators to use unusual spellings for names and locations in their translations.

Thai language also varies according to the situation or social context in which it is used. The different possible settings that dictate the type of Thai writing includes as to whether the material relates to business, advertising, public relations or instruction and who the readers are.

For more than 18 years, Chambers has been providing quality Thai to English translation and vice versa that is within the context of the original documents. We translate from certificates, brochures, to legal documents such as Title deeds, operation manuals for factories located in Thailand and technical contracts as well as websites. All marketing materials are translated tastefully to suit the target readers.

Not only do we translate, we do interpretation, copwriting, formatting, typesetting, etc. Our customer service staff can provide website and graphic design friendly Thai scripts for your easy use.

Should you have a document that needs translation and wish to get a quote, kindly email to us your original documents (if any) and contact details under the “Get a quote” page or “Contact Us” page. Thereafter, we will reply to you within 1 day.